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8 easy tips that will make you move more!

Research by I&O Research shows that more than half of all Dutch people over the age of 18 do not exercise enough. 58% to be precise. Here are eight low-threshold tips to keep moving enough during your daily activities.

  1. Take one step at a time

Don’t do everything at once and don’t expect too much of yourself overnight. Also, be satisfied if you start moving more day by day. In this, it is important to do a baseline measurement regarding the amount of exercise you have daily. Do this using a pedometer, for example. Most phones have a pedometer on them as standard. Once you have done this baseline measurement, you can very gradually increase your daily steps.  

  1. Lunch walk

Don’t sit inside for 30/60 minutes during your lunch. You probably sit often enough as it is. By taking a short walk during lunch, you will already take a few thousand more steps every day than if you lunch sitting down.

  1. Standing telephoning and conferencing

Every little bit helps. When making phone calls, make sure you can walk around and agree with colleagues that you will do the meeting standing or walking

  1. Grab a bike and park a little further away

Going to work by car? Then park one or two streets away, so you have to walk the last stretch to work or home. Do you travel by public transport? Then get off one or two stops earlier and walk the last stretch to work or home. Best of all? Take the bike!

  1. Engage in a sport with your partner and/or friends/family

Engage in a sport in your spare time that you enjoy so much that it hardly feels like sports. Also, do this with your partner and/or family/friends around you and you have a new weekly outing on your hands.

  1. Ignore lifts

You might have felt this tip coming on: take the stairs instead of the lift a bit more often. Especially if you have a sedentary job, it is better to take the stairs so you can take some extra steps. Tip: if you have a lot of steps to climb, you can also choose to take the lift halfway up. Challenge yourself by only taking the lift one floor up every week.

  1. Eat healthy

Healthy eating is indirectly linked to more exercise. Eating healthier ensures more energy and less stress, so you will automatically move more. Purely because your body needs to release that extra energy somewhere.  

  1. Take on challenges with colleagues

Taking on challenges with acquaintances always provides that extra bit of motivation. A real stick. Nobody wants to lose a challenge. Especially not from colleagues. With the Fitward app, you can easily create your own challenges within a company and follow the intermediate score in real time on the leaderboard. 

Track activity and exercise of yourself and colleagues and turn it into challenges and goals? The Fitward App makes it possible. Curious about what Fitward can do for vitality in your organisation? Get in touch with us!

Move forward with fitward.