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With the Fitward App, we ensure healthier, more active and happier employees. For organisations, this means that their employees are more employable and absenteeism decreases. This month, participants in our app have already done great. They have:


staps taken


miles travelled


calories burned


kg of CO₂ saved

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Our mission is to make a positive impact in the world by making people healthier, more active and happier. We believe that absenteeism in organisations can easily be reduced by increasing exercise, strengthening team spirit and reducing stress.

We do this by activating people in our app in an approachable and challenging way to improve their mental and physical health. While most healthcare companies take a clinical, top-down approach, we focus on driving health action through a bottom-up method with thoughtful, fun and engaging mobile-first activities.

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The Fitward App


With the Fitward App, we tackle health problems in your organisation. The App makes your employees fitter, which improves the entire business performance. Besides improving the physical and mental health of your employees, it also strengthens the team spirit. Connect all your apps and wearables in the Fitward App and take on challenges with or against your colleagues.

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