Health Workshop


Keeping your body and mind healthy is a challenge. Especially if you spend much of your time at home or at work, mostly sitting or not moving a lot.

Do the employees within your organization have the right knowledge, easy-to-apply tips & tricks and know how best to apply them?

Fitward’s Health workshops allow you to give each employee the tools to improve their health.

The numbers don’t lie. Healthy employees:

  • Absenteeism is 27% less on average
  • Have better work performance (25% improvement from healthy eating and 15% if they exercise at least 3x per week for 20 minutes)
  • Are more likely to feel engaged and emotionally connected to the company
  • Experience less stress complaints
  • Have more energy and desire to work

Healthy employees lead to a healthier company. The valuable thing about Fitward’s workshops is that employees reap huge benefits both at work and in their personal lives.

Do you want healthier employees, which also improves operations? Then feel free to contact us!

Topics covered during the workshop

  • The most common mistakes you make when you want to get fitter
  • How to train and eat the most optimal way to look better
  • How to train and eat for the best results in order to burst with energy
  • How to spend less time at the gym while getting more results
  • How to get healthier as you get older – instead of unhealthier
  • How to go from a negative spiral to a positive one with your productivity
  • The 10 health performance pillars for a top fit body and mind
  • Quick preview: Why healthy sleep is a game-changer

Duration and location

The workshop lasts up to 1.5 hours and takes place online via Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. This depends on the platform used within your company.

Number of participants

To ensure the quality of our workshop, we have a maximum number of participants of 15. If you want a workshop for more participants, this is possible by mutual agreement.

Workshop trainer

We work exclusively with certified trainers. We have a number of different trainers who each have their specialty in the field of health (and everything around improving your health). Before the workshop, we will tell you who the trainer will be and what his/her experience is.



Photo of one of the trainers during a physical workshop


The workshop is available from €395 excluding VAT.

If you are in need of a personalized workshop, we would be happy to discuss the possibilities. For a personalized workshop different prices and process apply.

The Fitward method

At Fitward, we love the hands-on way of working.

Hear, see, do and improve.

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