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The Fitward App looks nice but…. what can you actually do with it? We explain on this page.

  • More productive, effective and efficient employees
  • Reduces absenteeism in companies
  • Improves mental and physical health in an effective and approachable way, resulting in more productive, effective and efficient employees
  • We understand what it takes to make employees healthier, more active and happier
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Connect with all your favourite
apps and wearables

In the Fitward App, you easily connect with all of your favourite apps and wearables. The data coming from these apps and wearables will allow you to participate in the challenges.

Individual, team or global challenges?

You can choose to take on challenges with or against your colleagues. Go for an individual, team or global challenge. You can take on multiple challenges if you want to!

Goal- or leaderboard mode

Do you want to achieve a goal or become the best? You can choose between a goal or leaderboard mode.

Are you aiming to achieve a set goal in the challenge? Then the ‘Goal challenge’ is perfect. You can do this challenge mode at all levels.

Are you aiming to get as high as possible on the leaderboard? Then the ‘Leaderboard challenge’ is perfect. This challenge mode is possible at individual and team level.


A leaderboard is automatically calculated for each challenge.
This allows you to see where you and/or your team stand in relation to colleagues.


The challenges can be set to different metrics to make it inclusive for everyone.

Set the challenges based on:
– Number of steps taken
– Number of kilometres cycled
– Kcal burned
– Active minutes
– Number of kilometres travelled
– Number of points earned
– And more….

Daily summaries
and activity types

Daily Summeries allows you to clearly see what physical activities you did in a day. This way you know whether you need to move more or not. Have you moved more today than yesterday? Fantastic, try to continue this trend!

With activity types, you have specific insights into workout results based on the connections you have made with apps and wearables.

Read more about the dashboard


Within your organisation, at least 3 employees will get access to our dashboard. In the dashboard, you can manage everything from A to Z yourself.

You can decide which challenges you want to do and how many challenges you want to do. You can also send push notifications to participants in the App from the dashboard. Furthermore, you can see which users are participating and which teams the participants are in.


''We got Fitward recommended to us by a colleague and we are happy to be using this app now! It is a clear app, very user-friendly and allows us to create some healthy competition between colleagues. This gives our team a lot of fun and togetherness both inside and outside working hours!"

Eveline - UMC Utrecht

"We used Fitward because a large part of the employees work from home. Some indicated that this caused them physical complaints and also lost part of the company spirit. Thanks to Fitward's app, we have engaged and healthier staff again. Highly recommended!"

Remco - Connecting Clients


I don't know yet how long we want to use the app, what should I do?

Contact us and we will look together at what is a good fit based on our experience.

I don't know how many participants will use the Fitward App, what should I do?

Contact us and we will look together at what is a good fit based on our experience.

I would like to see how the app works first, is that possible?

Yes. You can schedule a Demo call so we can tell you more about the App, we show you how the app works and what you can do with it. To schedule a Demo, click here —> Schedule a Demo.

Can I decide how many challenges we want to do?

Yes. In the dashboard, the authorised people within your organisation can create an unlimited number of challenges.

Can anyone send push notifications?

Only the people who have been given access to it can send push notifications. This prevents that too many push notifications are sent.

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